Dear Professionals,

All of us at Charter Senior Living strive to be your GO TO source for referral and ongoing partnership involving Senior/Elder Care, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Hospice care, rehabilitation, Medication Managed Mental Illness, Dementia and Memory Care. We will act as your first choice referral source, proving time and time again that you cannot beat our quality and commitment!

Efficient - Effective - Effortless and Professional!

Our mission with our professionals in mind, is simple and clear. We want to be a valuable and ultimate solution in a busy world of discharge, re-admission for same initial diagnosis and treatment, and the same old hassles you deal with when it comes to assisting a patient or family in finding continuing care for your discharges, continuing outpatient rehab, hospice services and living recommendations.

Our executive team is a top notch group of professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in the Senior Healthcare and Professional partnership arena. We know what you need, we know you need it quickly, effortlessly and professionally in regards to all of your discharge, referral needs.

At Charter, we believe that finding a patient or referral of yours the appropriate, dignified and supporting environment is crucial in the over-all care and perception of your established business and its continued success. Through our Safely Somewhere Program we take it upon ourselves to find a suitable living arrangement and or service without the need to immediately and only refer to a Charter Community. Our commitment to doing the right thing EVERY-TIME means that we work with your clients, patients and families, as well as each one of you to find the PERFECT FIT for everyone. Sometimes that might mean us assisting our customers in locations, services and living environments that are not associated with Charter.

Commitment! Dignity! Respect!

One thing is for sure, we take each and every referral seriously, and we see it through. Our business grows through reputation and how we represent in the community. Assisting you and yours with the information and education needed to make SMART choices for all involved creates a positive “word of mouth,” that equates to better, stronger more consistent business for us in the long run. Right now it’s simply about helping you and helping those you refer to us. Our job is to finish what you started and to assist you with the continuation of the professionalism, and excellent experience you began.